Adrian Sinna Animal Rehabilitation & Training Center.
USA, Thailand

Interacting and communicating with animals in the wild:

Adrian Sinna (Sen~na) is highly recognized for his ability to communicate with animals both domesticated and wild.

He uses his inborn talent to communicate with animals using psychotherapeutic vibes.

He walks with animals in the wild, interacts with them and becomes part of their group.

Adrian has interacted and been accepted by Wolves, Coyotes, Mountain Lions, Bob Cats, Wild Dogs, Domestic Dogs, Wild Horses, Bison, Buffalo, Sheep and some species of birds.

He does NOT use training techniques.

He does NOT follow theoretical techniques used by conventional trainers.

He merely communicates with animals using vibes.

He is accepted by animals and respected by animals.

His Talent and skills have been demonstrated in:

Wasatch Range. Timpanogos - Utah
Sedona - Arizona
Death Valley - California
Hungry Hills - California
Lucerne Valley - California
Big Bear Lake & Valley - California
Sierra Pelona Mountains - California
Sierra Nevada - California
Carson Range - Nevada
Landers - Nevada

Special demonstrations in:
Monteverde Cloud Forest - Costa Rica
Mesoamerica - Guatemala
Puerto Vallarta - Mexico
Chennai - India
Buttala, Handapanagala - Sri Lanka