Adrian Sinna Animal Rehabilitation & Training Center.
USA, Thailand

Reviews & Comments - USA


The Real Dog Guy.

Justin Wilkinson in Santa Barbara, CA 



Adrian is as best as it gets. He has loads of experience, his knowledge is remarkable and his work is something one has to witness to believe. He is the real dog guy.


Magical Talent

Veronica Sanches in Los Angeles, CA 


Adrian has a magical talent with animals. As soon as he walked in our home our dog just stopped, stared and sat in front of him. It was just amazing to watch how he communicates with animals without saying a word.


Just Amazed
Erica in Huntington Beach, CA


Hi. Our dogs were just out of control and it was a case of giving them away or reaching out for help. We met Adrian Sinna of BVAC who was just an amazing man with magical talent when it comes to dogs. It just took us 2 weeks and we had ourselves 2 well balanced and happy dogs. Adrian does communicate with animals using vibes as he calls it, and it works like magic.