Adrian Sinna Animal Rehabilitation & Training Center.
USA, Thailand

Adrian Sinna (Sen~na) is a self taught animal behavior specialist/communicator.

Born April 1966, in Puerto Vallarta Mexico to Puerto Rican & Persian parents. He migrated to Los Angeles, California at the age of 5.

At age 10 he realized his ability to communicate with animals and would spend hours each day interacting with them. At age 15, he moved to live on a horse and cattle ranch in Utah where his ability was witnessed by famed animal behaviorist Carolina Freeman.

Adrian's talent was at the time, only known to friends who would believe it was an in-born gift.

At age 17, Adrian was discovered to have the ability to transfer vibration signals to animals making them understand his thoughts. He was able to understand the thoughts in the minds of animals and communicate with them.

Carolina Freeman's studies confirmed a positive transfer of vibrations emitted from his mind while communicating with animals. She went on to study this process together with many recognized institutions.

Being able to communicate with animals, Adrian began to interact with animals in the wild.

He has worked with Wolves, Coyotes, Mountain Lions, Bob Cats, Bison, Wild Horses, Wild Dogs, Domestic Dogs, Buffalo, Sheep, and has demonstrated his skills in many parts of the world.

His ability to communicate with animals has earned him much recognition including celebrity status as a protected national treasure, and his work has been described in three books.

He has now dedicated his life to rehabilitate animals and teach humans to communicate with them.

Our Team Members:

Denise Castilleja

Mike De La Vega

Dorothea Dinmore

Lisa Stern

Angelica Torres "AJ"

John Torres - Specialist consultant

Juan Torres

Robert Washburn

Jeannette Kathleen Willcock (Jay) - Coordinator

Denise Schaefer - Active Travel Organizer

Our members have dedicated their lives to specialize and gain experience working with domesticated and animals living in the wild.

AnimalTalk 411

"AnimalTalk 411" is a series of documented video presentations done during rehabilitation programs.

See our specialists at work doing the magic of reforming & rehabilitating animals and training humans to communicate with them.


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